Do you work with people who sell their property without a realtor?

We do! This is called “for sale by owner” and we are very happy to explain to a customer selling their home without a real estate agent the step-by-step process.

Is there a discount if I have my prior title from when I purchased my property?

Absolutely, a 15% discount will be applied towards owners’ policy invoice (rounded up to the nearest dollar) when provided at the time the offer to purchase is submitted subject to a minimum rate of $525.00

Can I request Merit Title even if my realtor works with another title company?

In Wisconsin, it is the homeowners right to choose the title company they prefer to close the sale of their home with.

What is title insurance?

Title Insurance is actually a process, with the insurance policy being the end product. This process starts with a comprehensive search of public records to determine if any liens or other encumbrances are attached to the title. Detailed information from potentially hundreds of sources is gathered and reviewed, including tax records, federal, state, and local records, court judgments, deeds, and an evaluation of whether the property characteristics are accurately reflected by the information on the title. One in four title searches uncovers some problem that must be rectified prior to the close. Typically, in Wisconsin, the standard offer to purchase, the buyer asks that the seller provide and pay for an owner’s policy of title insurance to protect their investment in the real estate.

What is the difference between a letter report and title insurance?

A letter report is a limited search performed for informative purposes only; title insurance is an insured policy based on the findings of a full search.