How We Help

Purchasing real estate can be one of the largest investments a person can make. Merit Title can be your single point of contact for the following services:

    • Policies from America’s largest underwriters
    • Letter Reports
    • Special Assessment & City Search Letters
    • Residential & Commercial Title
    • Closing Services
    • Mortgage Closing Services
    • Construction Inspections & Disbursement
    • Diverse Signing Options

Title & Closing Services

Policies from America’s Largest Underwriters

Merit Title is underwritten by two of America’s largest underwriters, Fidelity National Title and First American Title, which allows Merit Title to provide some flexibility in underwriting practice; pricing and endorsement structure.

Letter Reports

A letter report is an informative search from the most recent sale forward. It provides the current owner; tax information; legal description and liens, judgments and unsatisfied mortgages prepared in a typed format.

Special Assessment & City Search Letters

As a part of our due diligence here at Merit Title, a Special Assessment & City Letter is requested on every property sale. This letter is requested directly from the municipality, they in turn let us know what, if anything is owed against the property. This could include things such as water, sewer, snow removal, etc.

Residential & Commercial Title

Merits Title’s examiners have over 28 years of combined experience resulting in a title product that can be relied on for any size property.

Closing Services

Our closers are well versed in ALL types of real estate closings and communicate throughout the process to keep all parties involved. We have in-house attorney’s available for both document drafting as well as closing services when requested.

Mortgage Closing Services

Merit Title works hand in hand with lenders to ensure a smooth closing process.  We are familiar with various lender portals as well as wet sign vs. hybrid closings.  We work diligently to get documents balanced and prepared in a timely manner.  Our closers will review all documents with the borrowers to a level that they understand and are comfortable with.   

Construction Inspections & Disbursement

Merit Title handles both property inspections and funds disbursement for our clients. We streamline the process to make it as simple as possible for owners and contractors to get funds from lenders while handling all the lender requirements, so you don’t have to. This includes updated title searches, endorsements, handling lien waivers, and everything else your lender may require.

Remote Online Notary (“RON”)

Merit Title LLC’s notaries can also provide Remote Online Notarization (RON) for many sellers.  RON is the process of notarizing a document remotely using various technologies. These technologies provide secure signing while also saving time and travel for the parties involved. Instead of meeting in a physical location to sign a paper document, the notary public and the signer can conduct a notarial act on their devices from wherever they happen to be located.  RON requires a computer with camera, microphone and speakers, and a smartphone.  

Mobile & Witness Signature Services

We understand not every customer is local. Merit offers services to get a licensed and bonded notary to our customers at their door or a preferred location throughout the United States. We will coordinate and prepare for you to make the process simple wherever you are!